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Spring is here…

Posted by juneaubackcountry on April 14, 2011

Miles scopes the view from the top of Fishcreek Knob

Spring has officially sprung and I need to do a little spring cleaning of my photo archives.  As usual I’m behind in posting, but I hope you enjoy the shots all the same. Hoping to have posts on heli skiing in Juneau and in Haines soon, so stay tuned.

Tyler on his speedwing at Eaglecrest.

Caleb skins up the side of Showboat.

Fruit Bowl Kicker

Jesse throws down a double back flip.


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Off the reservation….

Posted by juneaubackcountry on February 3, 2011

Top of Magnum in Turnigan Pass

I have a confession for all of you… I’ve been cheating, and its not the first time.  I’ve been riding snow in Turnigan Pass, and at Alyeska.  Shameful I know, but sometimes the temptation is too great and I have to give in to the sinful quality of snow in other parts of the world.

I know, take a deep breath and calm down. There is snow to be found elsewhere, and you’re probably guilty of the same pleasures (you know who you are). Don’t get me wrong I still love it here, but its just well, its good to see if the snow is really whiter on the other side…Alright who am I kidding, given the winter we’re having this seems to be the only place that doesn’t have good snow.  Alright no more negativity, there’s a lot of winter to go and we’ll get ours…hopefully soon. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but given our weather cycle and the fact that I’ve been busy with other photo work, I’m going to post not only photos from other AK locales, but a few non-backcountry photos. My hope is that it’ll provide a little entertainment to your day and at the very least its eating up my time putting together this post.  Normally I’d post these photos on my personal blog, CSMPhotos, but I’m thinking of changing this blog to a vehicle for all my ski/snowboard photos, as no one else seems to be posting here.  If you have stuff and want to post please do!

Turnigan Pass

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