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2012 — Southeast Alaska Snow and Avalanche Workshop (SEASAW)

Posted by csmphotos on November 7, 2012



See you there!


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Down Days 2…

Posted by juneaubackcountry on February 8, 2012

Still no solution from Spark to my blown up bindings…. so more photos 🙂

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Down Days…

Posted by juneaubackcountry on February 7, 2012

There’s a silver lining on the dark cloud that has been blowing up my bindings… down days, and time to catch up on work.  I finally had time to get caught up on all my ski photo editing and other much long over due work.  Here’s a few selects from the winter so far.




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Happy New Year!

Posted by juneaubackcountry on January 1, 2012

Well we’re ringing in the new year in style in Juneau, with the most snow at our summit of any ski area!  Not a bad way to start off the year.  The skiing/snowboarding has been ridiculously good since November.  With any luck 2012 will be as snowy as the end of 2011!  So far this season the camera has spent quite a bit of time at home.  My goal for the season is to spend more time on the board than behind the lens.  This will be my fifth full season riding and I need to concentrate on improving my riding skills to improve my shooting.  I’ve progressed each season to push the limits of my riding to make photos of skiers and snowboarders, but I feel the only way for the photos to improve/evolve is for my riding to progress.  I need to see the mountain more from the perspective of a skier or a snowboarder than as a photographer, to spot the line or to pick out lines for people that will make a good photograph.  On any given day that I’m at the resort or in the backcountry I’m with people who have been skiing or snowboarding most of their lives, and as such they see the mountain differently.  Their vision has been shaped by a lifetime of turns and they perceive the snow and terrain at a different level; one that I’m only just beginning to perceive.  With that said, I hope to post more fully composed images that are tighter in style and visual form of skiers and snowboarders in their element.  Thanks for visiting and may the pow be with you this season!


The photos below are from the month of November. I will slowly get caught up to the end of 2011 in the coming weeks.

Sean Riley getting early season turns.

Eric and Owen skin past the lower Ptarmigan lift station.

Owen skining up Motherlode.

Kanaan, Owen, Jesse, and Eric skining up Sundance.

Kanaan switches over as the sun hits Ben Stewart in the background.

Owen drops into upper Insane.

Kanaan and Owen below the chair on upper Insane.

Paul, Kanaan, and Caleb enjoy a sunny skin up Fish Creek Knob.

Kanaan disappears into the whiteroom.

Scotty B shoots the gap between some trees.


Scotty B filming the goods on Fish Creek Knob.



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Alaska Pow 2012 – Calendar is here!

Posted by juneaubackcountry on November 11, 2011

I apologize for falling way behind on the Photo-a-Day, I’ve been traveling visiting family and I was out photographing on a crab boat for week and had zero access to the web.

In the mean time I’ve been hard at work assembling this year’s calendar! The calendar includes 13 full page photographs of skiers and snowboarders from around Alaska; featuring Mark Rainery, Sandy Miller, Lee Henry, Kaitlyn Bausler, Ryland Bell, Andy Campbell, Miles Byington, Matt Dietrick, Andy Dietrick, Morgan Hebert, Cedar Dumont, and Maria Debari.   Thank you to all of you that I’ve photographed over the last few seasons, I couldn’t do this without all your amazing athleticism and talent. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy this year’s calendar!

I will have calendars and photographs for sale at the Public Market at Centennial Hall, in Juneau, AK over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.  I’ll only have 100 copies on hand, so get them quick as I may sell out like last year! I hope to see you there.

The image below and the link on the right will take you to an online version of the calendar for you to preview and buy.  Please pass the link on to friends and family.

Alaska Pow 2012 Calendar

By Chris Miller in 2012 Calendar

28 pages, published 12 NOV 2011

The Alaska Pow 2012 calendar features full page photographs of world class skiers and snowboarders throughout Alaska. Get your stoke on year-round with this calendar on your wall!

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Day 17

Posted by juneaubackcountry on October 27, 2011

Will Geiger throws down on the backside of Douglas.

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Day 16

Posted by juneaubackcountry on October 26, 2011

Ready, set, fire! Jesse West blows doors between a tree gap.

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Day 15

Posted by juneaubackcountry on October 25, 2011

Morgan Hebert slashes a turn in the Juneau Icefield.

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Day 14

Posted by juneaubackcountry on October 24, 2011

Justin Keene finishes his line on Mahogany, in Haines.

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Day 13

Posted by juneaubackcountry on October 21, 2011

Jesse West launches switch off of a kicker.

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